ST Fence Hire are a specialised division of Steelhoard Ltd who are the UK’s leading designers and innovators in site safety and security, with over 30 year’s experience working with the HSE and the UK’s leading safety organizations.


Innovation is at the forefront of Steelhoard's ethos and by designing and improving new and existing products contribute to raising levels of site safety and security. ST Fence Hire can provide our class leading products on both a hire and sale basis on long and short term contract periods.

Health & Safety

ST Fence Hire work closely with the Health and safety executive and leading safety organizations and provide systems and accessories that comply with their requirements and manufactured to class leading standards.


All our products are designed to be tough and durable and we recyclable at the end of their life. Our class leading Steelhoard system is the world’s most environmentally friendly hoarding system as it
has a design life of 25 years and can be dismantled and re installed continuously. This also means that Steelhoard is the most cost-effective site hoarding system to date costing a fraction of the cost of its
steel competitors (or timber) when amortised over its designed lifespan.


With over 30 years’ experience in securing and improving site security St Fence Hire know that companies not only demand excellent service but look for top quality equipment and the best value for money. ST Fence Hire provide you with the highest quality service and equipment at unbeatable rates.


With our vast experience in dealing with fencing design, manufacture and service we believe we provide the best site fencing services in the UK. We not only give you excellent products and services but our in-depth knowledge of construction sites and the problems that can arise allows us to provide tailored solutions using our wide range of accessories. We can also design and fabricate bespoke solutions for awkward site conditions.

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